Tongue Geographic | Symptoms And Treatment Of Geographic Tongue

Tongue Geographic

Tongue geographic is the condition wherein patches of papillae, the bumps on the tongue, are missing, giving it a map-like or geographic look. The missing patches of papillae results in fissures on the surface of the tongue. This condition is strange in that there is no identified cause leading to it. It is not known to indicate or lead to other dangerous diseases. In most cases, it just causes a mild discomfort. There is a belief that when the result of digestion gives off ‘œsmoke’ through the mouth, it stays on the tongue, giving way to the tongue geographic coating.

Geographic Tongue

It has been observed that it appears on more than one member in the family or clan. Also, individuals who have environmental problems like asthma and other allergies are more likely to have this condition. Persons with psoriasis are also likely to have geographic tongue. Hormonal changes, excessive stress, and steroid use may also bring about the condition.

Symptoms Of Geographic Tongue

  • Red, smooth patches shaped irregularly on the tongue, which change appearance after a while
  • Soreness on these spots, which gets worse with spicy or acidic foods and some toothpastes

Tongue Geographic Treatment

  • For the soreness, over-the-counter painkillers will do the trick.
  • Taking anti-inflammatory prescription relieves the unpleasant condition.
  • Topical corticosteroids and zinc supplements work for other individuals.
  • Another solution is using mouth rinses with topical anesthetic.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco products, even cigarette smoke.
  • Avoid hot and spicy foods.
  • Stay away from toothpaste with tartar-control additives, heavy flavors, or whitening aids.
  • Avoid dried, salty nuts.