Tooth Loss Causes, Treatments | Loss of Teeth Remedies

Loss of Teeth Causes, Treatments:

Poor dental hygiene and poor nutrition leads to loss of teeth. Antibiotics, particularly tetracycline given to children under the age of ten years, weaken their teeth. Sometimes quality of poor teeth can be due to inheritance. Homeopathy remedies cannot fix a cavity, but they help to protect healthy teeth from additional damage. Constitutional therapy can be very helpful and is highly recommended if it is carried out by an experienced homeopath.

Symptoms, Remedies of Tooth Loss:

  • Cavities beginning in early childhood, especially in toddlers and children of school going age

Remedy – Acidum fluoricum

  • Tooth development is slow, but teeth become susceptible to cavities rather quickly.

Remedy – Calcarea phosphorica

  • After eating too many sweets and drinking high sugared drinks, cavities develop; heavy saliva flow.

Remedy – Coccinella

  • Teeth are dark and are crumbling; cavities are developing very quickly; gums bleed and are spongy; bitter taste in the mouth; bad mouth odor.

Remedy – Kreosotum

  • Loss of teeth during menopause, particularly due to receding gums and cavities; very sensitive at the gum line; cavities are present along the gum line

Remedy – Thuja