Tooth Pain Natural Home Remedy | Tooth Ache, Causes and Cures

Question: I just had surgery on jaw B/C of TMJ and had two bone spurs on jaw too. I had to wear a Bite Plate (a piece of plastic that was molded to fit my bottom teeth to hold jaw in place but not to change my bite). I have it once in a 4 month and every time I had taken it out my teeth hurt when anything touches it. Now I really can’t eat anything, is there any remedy for tooth pain?


The structure of the human tooth:

  • The tooth is made up of an outer layer called the enamel, which is exposed¬† (and cementum which is embedded in the gums).
  • The middle layer of the tooth is called dentin. The dentin comprises of tiny tubules, which are small openings.
  • Inside each of the tubules is a nerve branch that comes from the tooth’s pulp.
  • The tooth’s pulp (located in the center of the tooth) is mass of blood vessels and nerves supplying to the tooth.
  • There are two types of tooth sensitivities that cause pain in the tooth,
  • Dental sensitivity is caused when the middle layer dentin is exposed. As a result, nerve endings are exposed to cold and hot temperatures, which cause pain and sensitivity.¬† This occurs commonly following Gum surgeries, poor oral hygiene, frequent consumption of acidic foods and beverages, periodontal disease, etc
  • This occurs when the central pulp of the tooth is exposed due to decay, filling or broken tooth.

Oral Care Management:

  • Don’t brush your teeth too hard, this might cause the enamel layer to wear away.
  • Avoid acidic foods or beverages for preventing oral problems.
  • Homeopathic remedy Kreosote 30, 4 pills, every 4 hours will help you overcome the pain and sensitiveness.