Scalded Tongue: Causes And Home Remedies For Burning Tongue

In regular daily life, one may get indisposed to many circumstances which could have been avoided if little precaution were taken. One such incidence which occurs in a person’s routine life is scalded tongue.

Scalded Tongue Syndrome

A person in their hurry, drink hot tea or coffee or soups and the result is they burn their tongue. It is too late to realize the consequence of his act; it will take few days for him to get his scalded tongue to heal.

Scalded tongue will not allow him to eat spicy and pungent food; in fact anything he eats’ will hurt him for few days.

Home Remedies For Burning Tongue Or Scalded Tongue

To reduce the pain and burning sensation of scalded tongue he may utilize these home remedies:

  • Ice: instant available thing is ice, if a person scalds his tongue. Suck ice cubes for few minutes frequently till the sensation of pain and burning fades.
  • Glycerin: alternately apply glycerin on the scalded tongue. It helps to sooth the burning pain on the tongue.
  • Drinking iced tea with plenty of ice cubes in the tea will help to relieve the pain felt by scalded tongue.
  • Apply butter on the burnt tongue; it will reduce irritation and burning sensation.

Causes Of Scalded Tongue

  • Apart from hot tea and soups, scalded tongue syndrome can be a result of deficiency of vitamins and minerals, some medicines which dries mouth saliva, decreased circulation in tongue, hormonal changes etc.
  • Address the underlying cause in such circumstances such as eating green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, if there is vitamin deficiency.

Scalded Tongue Remedy

  • Consult the doctor for medicinal instructions if tongue scalding is due to medicines.
  • Drink milk mixed with honey and sugar if the reason of tongue scalding syndrome is due to decreased circulation of blood.