Roof Of Mouth Hurts: Causes Of Pain In Roof Of Mouth When Eating

Certainly at one time or another, everyone has eaten crunchy foods that seem to tear the mouth up.  Sour dough pretzels, Doritos, Cocoa puffs, and pork rinds can really do a job on the roof on the mouth. Usually it doesn’t stop us from eating them!

Causes Of Roof Of Mouth Hurting When Eating

  • Most of the time the causes of the roof of mouth hurting is from burnt toast. Give it up for a while and it goes away.
  • The mouth is a very difficult place for any quick healing to occur.
    It is always moist, and always in motion from talking.
  • The motions of eating will many times aggravate any sores that may be close to healing and break them open again. It takes time.
  • Dental issues and viruses can also cause pain in the roof of the mouth.
  • Canker sores and some forms of sexually transmitted disease can cause painful lesions in the mouth.
  • Chronic sinus problems often contribute to mouth pain.

Treatment For Burnt Or Painful Roof Of Mouth

  • Be aware of any other symptoms that may be occurring such as fever, swollen glands, lose or sharp teeth, or tonsils. In those cases, set up an appointment with the proper professional for a thorough check up.
  • Keep the mouth extra clean. The mouth is the perfect ground for bacteria to thrive in.
  • Gargle with salt water or lemon juice. Bacteria can’t live in acid surroundings. Use an effective antiseptic mouthwash.
  • Don’t just brush your teeth, brush your tongue. Do not rub back and forth when cleaning the tongue. It makes more indentations for bacteria to hide out in.
  • Eat a soft, bland diet for a while. Stay away from spicy foods. Do not eat fruits and vegetables as it is because they are hard. You need those for healing. Pureed or mash them to a softer consistency.
  • Eat yogurt to add some good bacteria to overpower the bad.
  • The most important message is to keep the mouth clean and teeth free of plaque to avoid full blown infections.