Dental Cement Removal Treatments | Removing Dental Cement

Tips on Dental Cement Removal:

Dental cement must be removed when you experience an odd taste in the mouth that could be traced to it. This usually happens when it leaks. This leak leaves a metallic taste that coats the tongue and result to bad breath as well as loss of the sense of taste.

When you persistently experience loss of taste sensation, it is time for you to have dental cement removal. Some people are allergic to chemicals that are used in doing dental cement. If this is the case, you must ask your dentist to take it off.

If you experience odd tastes from your tooth that has dental cement, you must see your dentist and ask him if there is a need to remove the cement. Prolonged exposure to these odd tastes may result to serious ailments such as allergies.

When your crowns get loose, you should have them removed because they might cause you to choke while you are eating. It can also cause severe trauma to your teeth and gums. These incidents could best prevented by being proactive.

Preventing Dental Cement Leak-off:

  • Do not chew too much on the side of the mouth that has a tooth with dental cement.
    Shift your chewing to the other side. Avoid hard food such as raw vegetables and sticky foods such as caramel, gums, and candies.
  • Brush your teeth regularly. Do not put too much stress or force on your gums and teeth when brushing because it may cause the dislodgement of your dental cement. Floss your teeth too in a gentle manner and avoid entanglement that could scrape the cement.

Treatments for Removing Dental Cement:

  • One of the preferred alternative courses of action in removing dental cement is the perusal of ultrasonic cleaning solutions. This type of product includes those that may be used to remove tartar and tooth stain. It is efficient and effective at an affordable price.
  • You can meet with your dentist and have your dental cement removed with a system that is called osteotome. Most dentists prefer this tool because of its speed, accuracy, versatility, safety, reliability, and convenience to patients. Patients like it because the accompanying service is affordable.
  • There are people who consult the services of a dentist who uses powdered plaster or cement remover, which could be dissolved to make the desired solution. The method is considered to be safe and effective.