What Causes Tooth Enamel Damage And How To Regrow It Naturally?

Enamel is the thin outer layer on the teeth. It is a transparent material which you may not be able to see. Enamel covers the crown of the tooth, the part of tooth which is visible and above the gums. It is dentin which gives color of the teeth.

Enamel acts as a protective layer of tooth. It protects the teeth from the wear and tear from daily chewing, biting, grinding action. It is very hard and in fact it is hardest material in the body, even harder than bone. This property is also useful for insulating the teeth from high temperature and harmful chemicals.

Although enamel is hard and strong, it can get cracked and chipped. Several factors can cause enamel erosion. Drinking excessive soft drink, cigarette smoking, fruit drinks, diet rich in sugar and starches, acid reflux, friction, certain medications such as aspirin, antihistamines etc.

Even clenching and grinding of teeth, brushing the tooth too hard, chewing tobacco can cause tooth enamel damage. Treatment for loss of tooth enamel depends on addressing the problem that has led to it. Many dentists prefer tooth bonding as a method to correct enamel loss. But if the tooth enamel is extremely damaged, they may prefer to cover the particular tooth with a cap or crown.

How To Regrow Tooth Enamel Naturally?

Even though many believe it is not possible to regrow the enamel, there are people, who have found that following strict diet and cleaning regimen which is used for several chronic diseases such as eczema and psoriasis may be beneficial for restoring and repairing damaged tooth enamel.

Many people have found success in repairing tooth enamel in natural way.  Below are given some of the foods and dietary source which may help to regrow tooth enamel.

  • Black walnut: black walnut is rich in minerals. Some of them are calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, silica, iron, manganese, vitamin B etc. The iodine present in black walnut will kill the germs present in the mouth and thus prevent enamel corrosion. In this way, black walnut will help to regrow the tooth enamel.
  • Silica: it is a mineral well known for making the bones, hair and teeth strong. It also prevents the germs to act upon the enamel and destroy them. The leaves and husk of Black walnut is rich source of silica and thus it helps in a natural way to restore the health of tooth enamel. Similarly, Comfrey and prickly ash has good amount of silica. It helps to keep the bones and teeth healthy.
  • Using black walnut tincture or another iodine product for keeping the tooth enamel healthy is not the only thing that needs to be done. You have to eat balanced food that contains all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins. Green leafy vegetables, raw salads may help the teeth to remain clean. At the same time, the saliva should remain alkaline and not acidic.
  • You should avoid eating too much of sugar as it may harm the teeth in a long term. Preventing acid reflux is another important health aspect that one should address for the teeth to get restored themselves. One should also avoid eating foods that contain additives. They are harmful chemicals and are often used in packaged foods.

Thus taking right nutrition and food, living a healthy lifestyle, helps the restoration of minerals which play an important role in maintaining healthy tooth and the enamel.