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Recurring Oral Thrush

Almost every person you can think of experiences that morning breath feeling. In fact, you cannot even think of anyone who wakes up having fresh and menthol breath, can you?

Yes, everybody has that stale, pasty, odorous, and bad-tasting flavor on his or her mouth morning after morning. However, for some people who are always experiencing a strong foul scent from their mouth more than what others normally have, then that could be caused by a type of fungal infection called as thrush.

Recurrent oral thrush is very common among individuals who have been infected by the human immuno-deficiency virus or commonly known as HIV.

So how do you know if you have thrush or at least an easy target for it? Here are some useful pieces of information to help you cope with this unpleasant condition.

Recurrent Oral Thrush Defined

For those who have bare knowledge of what a thrush is or the main cause of this condition in the body, a little research and easy reading would do. A type of fungus known as candida albancans is typically found in our body, and the strong immune system that we have keeps this harmful fungus at a safe distance from inflicting disease in our body.

However, for people who have weaker immune system, this fungus grows and forms colonies of white patches in the mouth, throat, esophagus, and even the genitals. And the fungus that thrives in the mouth leads to the condition of thrush.

Treatment for Recurrent Oral Thrush

Thrush is not dangerous in itself, but if it is left unchecked and untreated for many days and months, it can lead to serious health problems. However, if it is treated, grave discomforts can be avoided. Home remedies for recurrent oral thrush include the very simple ways of using topical drugs in liquid form. Throat lozenges can also be helpful in getting rid of the fungus. Recurrent oral thrush is also remedied by oral medications.

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