Pain after Root Canal: Treatment, Therapy Post Root Canal Pain

Post Root Canal Pain Treatment

Root canal treatment is the removal of all the infected soft tissues inside the tooth. Through this process, some of the tissues may be pushed down to the end of the tooth, to the apex, and some could even reach to the bone resulting in irritation. The tools used by the dentist usually penetrate and touch the apex that could also result to irritating the tissue and causing pain. Are you suffering from Swelling after Root Canal

Pain After Root Canal Therapy

Pain after root canal therapy is normal and even inevitable, but there are ways your dentist can do in order to reduce the pain.

Some of it includes the following:

  • Your dentist can opt to reduce the tooth being treated so that you won’t be able to feel the treated tooth whenever you clench your teeth.
  • You can also take, upon the advice of your dentist, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, prior to the treatment session. Your body will normally react to this by having the gums below your infected teeth to swell a little making it prone to get hit by other tooth.
  • To speed up your healing process, taking up antibiotics may be necessary especially if the infection has already extended to the apex and the bone.
  • You can also use numbing gel to temporarily get rid of the pain.
  • If the pain gets unbearable, you can ask your dentist to prescribe you with painkillers.
  • Apply cold compress or ice pack on the area where your tooth was treated.