8 Natural Ways Of Cleaning And Whitening Your Teeth At Home

Everyone wishes to have their teeth look pearly white when they smile. Healthy teeth and gums is a measurement of your health status. It is often considered to be a reflection of your good health. They start out shiny and white. But eating and drinking certain foods and improper oral care can stain your teeth. Besides it can also damage the gums and enamel of your teeth.

Excessive amount of colas, tea, smoking, acid juices, and highly pigmented food slosh past them at least 3 to 4 times in a day. All the mentioned products can lead to staining.

In fact your teeth are not completely white. The natural color of your teeth is light yellow, but as you grow up, the teeth tend to become darker.

Over a period of time the enamel cracks and erodes. The dentin is exposed which absorbs the color of food. Stains also latch on the tartar and plaque of your teeth. If you want to save your money from a dental check up for cleaning your teeth, follow this simple natural teething remedies and practices.

Natural Ways To Clean And Whiten Your Teeth At Home

  1. Clean your teeth after every meal.
    Especially after eating certain foods that are known to stain your teeth. Normally if you clean your teeth regularly, there is less chance of having stains on your teeth.
  2. Polish your teeth with baking soda to keep them clean and stainless. Take two to three teaspoon of baking soda and add few drops of hydrogen peroxide to make the mixture like toothpaste. Then brush the stained areas of teeth. Avoid applying the solution to your gums. Also do not use too much of peroxide as it can cause burning.
  3. Apple is useful in cleaning teeth. The fiber content together with saliva helps to clean the stains and tiny food particles between the teeth. Other foods that scrub your teeth naturally are kiwi, guava, strawberries etc. They also contain vitamin C, which helps to protect gums from various diseases.
  4. Too much of tea may be harmful for teeth, but one or two cups have proved beneficial in cleansing the teeth. Tea contains flavanoids which prevent the bacteria to hang on in the oral cavity including latching on teeth. Bacteria together with sugar can cause gradual destruction of teeth framework. Presence of fluoride in tea also keeps the teeth naturally clean.
  5. Eating certain vegetables and herbs not only cleans the teeth but also keeps the breath fresh. Mint, cilantro and carrots and broccoli rank top on the list. Chew them properly to keep your teeth clean and your mouth odor free.
  6. After each meal rinse your mouth with water. If you cannot get a washroom, pick up your water glass, take a twig, then rinse and swallow at the table.
  7. Use an electric toothbrush. It is found that the brush pushes off more of stain collecting plaque off your teeth. Studies show that electric tooth brush can remove 98 percent of plaque from the teeth when used regularly.
  8. Since bacteria present in oral cavity plays a great role in causing plaques and tartar which give bad appearance to teeth, prevent its abnormal growth. Clean your tongue with a tongue cleaner. It prevents bad breath and scrapes off the bacteria present on tongue. Tongue has large built up of bacteria.

Do not use your teeth as bottle opener, which many do so as it can damage the teeth. Use your teeth only for eating.