Natural Remedies for Tooth Pain | Natural Cure for Tooth Ache

Home Remedies for Infected Tooth:

After a tooth is extracted, the tooth socket fills itself with blood and clots. Gradually, this clot fills in with flesh. But is the clot is washed away by premature rinsing or if the clot becomes infected by any means, the bony lining of the socket can become inflamed. This mechanism is called as dry socket and it happen only in every 25 tooth extractions. It occurs most frequently following a difficult extraction of a lower jaw molar, in those who smoke or in woman taking oral contraceptives.

Usually there is severe throbbing pain that often radiates to the ear 2-4 days after extraction of a tooth. A bad taste in mouth may be present.

Preventing Tooth Ache:

  • Ice-creams, sweets, sour things, soft drinks, and sugar items are to be avoided.
  • One should gargle with warm water and is advisable after every meal as it helps remove germs.
  • Apply ice bag or hot water bag; see which ever gives relief and apply it one the site externally.

Natural Treatment for Tooth Pain:

  • Standard home remedy for tooth pain is clove oil. add four to five drops of clove oil over sterile cotton swab and apply this two to three times in a day or till pain subsides.
  • Garlic is effectively relieves tooth pain and is very helpful home remedy. Take two to three garlic clove and to it add two pinch of salt. Grind it and mix it well. Apply this on the site of toothache as it promptly helps in relieving toothache. Garlic is a pain killer, kills bacteria and helps reduce tooth inflammation.
  • Similar properties as garlic are also present in onion. It also acts as pain killer, kills bacteria and helps reduce inflammation. Onion cut and directly placed over decayed tooth.
  • Your hand may seem well removed from pain in your mouth, but studies have shown that rubbing ice on a particular spot, which is actually a traditional acupressure point; between the fore-finger and thumb meets. Massage this point with ice-cubes alternately on both the hands.