Sores In Corner Of Mouth: Causes & Remedies For Angular Cheilitis

Sores in corner of mouth often make you feel embarrassed. It is a common affliction faced by many people during their life time. In medical terminology sores and cracks in corner of mouth is known as angular cheilitis. The condition is chronic in nature, it often persist for months together.

The sores occur at both the corners of mouth, they are painful, red and slightly swollen. Burning and irritation is always present in angular cheilitis. The healing process often gets interrupted as the skin gets stretched and crack when you talk, laugh, smile or eat.

Sometimes there is a risk of secondary infection.

Causes Of Sores In Corner Of Mouth

Though the exact cause of sores and cracks in corner of mouth is not known, some of the contributing features for sore in mouth are:

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency, folic acid deficiency and deficiency of iron are often noted clinically when you have sore in both the corners of mouth.
  • Another important cause is fungal Candida infection and bacterial infection. Constant moisture in the corners of mouth helps the fungus to thrive in that area, added with vitamin deficiency and deviated immune system the fungus gets a free ground to multiply.
  • The skin in corner of mouth may get broken due to eczema or allergy.
  • People having improper fitting dentures are also at a risk of suffering from sores in the corner of mouth. The saliva gets collected in parched skin and keeps the area wet. Due to constant moisture in that region, the risk of bacterial and fungal infection increases.
  • Antibiotics taken for a long time may cause sores in corner of mouth.

Natural Remedies For Mouth Sores Or Angular Cheilitis

  • The sores in corner of mouth are stubborn to get cured immediately, applying anti fungal solutions for a week or two may help many individuals to get relief from the sores.
  • A person if malnourished should increase his intake of nutritious diet; protein, vitamins and minerals always help to boost the immune system.
  • Include green leafy vegetables, salads, tomato, fruits containing vitamin C and supplements of vitamin B12 in your diet.
  • Avoid sugar and sweets. Sugar encourages growth of fungus which may then become difficult to handle.
  • Avoid constant licking with tongue. Keep the area dry.
  • Avoid eating spicy food or food which has sharp angles as this may aggravate the condition.
  • Stop smoking and reduce tea, coffee, and spicy food. You should always take care of oral hygiene, particularly after each meal.
  • Use proper fitting dentures if you are wearing them.
  • One of the best home remedy for treating angular cheilitis is unflavored yogurt. Eat 3 to 4 teaspoon of yogurt in a day. The helpful bacteria present in yogurt will fight off those harmful bacteria present in mouth which are associated in hampering quick healing. You have to look for yogurt which contains active cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus (helpful bacteria). You can also apply yogurt on the sores for additional benefit.