Transient Lingual Papillitis Symptoms: Causes & Home Remedies

Lingual papillitis is a medical term for simpler terminology white or red bumps that you often see on the surface of tongue. At least 50 percent of people sometime or the other may have suffered from lingual papillitis. It is a painful condition caused due to inflammation of fungiform papillae on tongue. Fungiform papillae are type of taste buds on tongue. They are spread all over the tongue with its predominance on the tip of tongue.

Local irritation and injury on the tongue surface both can lead to lingual papillitis, aside from many other causes.

This condition is not contagious or a major health problem. However it is discomforting for the patient as eating and chewing food is extremely painful.

The condition resolves within few days without any treatment, but there are many home remedies that may help to hasten the healing process.

Causes Of Transient Lingual Papillitis

Lingual papillitis is also called lie bumps by many, but it does not have any relation with lying. Researchers are still not sure the exact etiology of lingual papillitis, but they believe it is caused due to injury on the surface of tongue.

Eating sharp edged food can rub and scrape your tongue. It can also result from excessive rubbing or scraping while cleaning your tongue. The other possibilities associated with lingual papillitis are emotional stress, fluctuations of hormones, vitamin B deficiency, and gastrointestinal upsets.

Inflammation of papillae can also occur if you eat or drink something too hot. People of any age can suffer from lingual papillitis, but it is more common in young women.

Symptoms Of Transient Lingual Papillitis

Lingual papillitis is a transient condition. It means the condition remains for a brief period and resolves on its own. This condition is characterized by inflammation of taste buds. Usually pain caused due to inflammation is mild, but sometime it is discomforting for the patient.

Eating and drinking is painful due to inflammation of taste buds. Pain may be for a short period of time or it may continue for many days depending on the severity of the condition. Red and white bumps on tip of tongue are the prominent symptoms. In children it may cause excessive salivation along with inflammatory changes on tongue.

Home Remedies For Transient Lingual Papillitis

Lingual papillitis is not serious health condition. Reassuring the patient is the only best armament in the medical box of doctor for treating this condition. However, there are several natural ways that may help to enhance healing process and reduce discomfort caused by inflammation of taste buds.

  • Cold compress is one of the best natural home remedy for alleviating pain and irritation on tongue. Eat vanilla ice cream. The numbing effect reduces pain and soothes irritation.
  • For diabetic patients ice cube is an alternative to ice cream. Suck an ice cube for few minutes to relieve pain and irritation. You can try this option few minutes before eating food.
  • Chew few mint leaves. It is time tested home remedy for relieving pain and irritation present on tongue due to inflammation of taste buds.
  • If the underlying cause is gastric upset, drink boiled milk which is mixed with dried figs.
  • Take vitamin B complex supplements if there is vitamin B deficiency. Increase intake of vegetables and fruits as both are rich and natural source of vitamin B complex.

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