Home Remedies for Yellow Teeth: Causes and Natural Treatment Yellow Teeth

Everyone wants to have white, striking teeth. It boosts up your self-confidence and body image. The teeth is a hard bony structure used primarily to digest food. Every day our teeth encounter a vast number of foods. No wonder most people have discoloured teeth. It can be black, red, and more commonly yellow. Some tribes make it a tradition to color their teeth black. Yellowing of the teeth is a normal yet embarrassing process. There are several causes of yellow teeth. It is best to recognize the cause of the discoloration to know which treatment give the best results.

Causes Of Yellow Teeth

  • Growing up and getting older is often the cause of yellow teeth. Moreover, stains can seep through tiny holes and deposit themselves in the enamel. Unfortunately toothpastes can’t reach this far.
  • Foods and drinks can also discolour teeth.
  • Inadequate and inappropriate brushing and flossing will not remove plaque and stain-producing substances.
  • Disease. There are diseases of unknown cause that can cause the enamel to thin.
  • Medications such as tetracycline and doxycycline are proven to cause yellowish discoloration when administered to children who are developing their teeth. They are not given during pregnancy due to this effect.
  • The aging process is also among the cause of yellow teeth.
  • Genetics. Some people inherit diseases that cause thinning or absence of the enamel. Some inherit amore strong and thick enamel.
  • Environment. An excess fluoride in drinking water or substances that we intake can cause teeth discoloration.
  • Trauma can also be a cause of yellow teeth.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Discoloured Teeth

Here are yellow teeth treatment that can be done at home safely and cost-efficient:

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush when brushing the teeth with proper technique.
  • Incorporate baking soda with your toothpaste and brush efficiently you can also rub them in your teeth.. Rinse with water.
  • After brushing, gargle a capful of peroxide for one to two minutes and rinse with water.
  • Eating apple after meal can also help.
  • Rubbing strawberries and a bark of walnut tree can whiten teeth too. Remember to rinse them afterwards.
  • Rubbing an orange peel in one’s teeth is an effective yellow teeth treatment.