Home Remedies for Burnt Tongue Syndrome: Treat Of Burning Mouth Tongue

Admit it. A burnt tongue is one annoying and painful thing. The burning of one’s tongue can be caused by certain factors such as the intake of anything that may be extremely hot. It is common if you accidentally eat something fresh from the oven or the pan. A burned tongue can also be caused by eating very spicy food.

Signs and Symptoms of Burnt Tongue Syndrome

  • There is the presence of a rough texture on the tongue surface giving a coated tongue. This is due to the rising of the pulps in the tongue brought about by the scalding heat.
  • There is a burning pain. It would usually feel like you have accidentally bitten your tongue.
  • Loss of sensation in the affected area. Sometimes the burned area will feel numb.
  • Swelling of the tongue. This would be a compensatory mechanism of the tongue after being burnt.
  • Redness due to the inflammation will cause tongue irritation.

Burning Tongue Treatment

The best way to deal and handle this is to manage the burning process. Halting the burning process should be done as soon as possible to avoid exacerbation of the condition.

Following are simple home remedies for burnt tongue to alleviate the discomfort:

  • Drink something cold, like a glass of cold water or tea, to balance out the heat.
  • Eat something cold such as popsicles or ice cream to provide a cold environment for the tongue.
  • Honey has a therapeutic effect as well as it heals and cools the affected tongue.
  • Avoid eating anything that has a rough texture as this can only aggravate the present condition.

Preventing Your Tongue from Getting Burned

Preventing one’s tongue from being burned may sound easy, but still a lot of individuals especially kids get to experience it at least more than once in their lives. Nonetheless, prevention only entails a lot of carefulness and caution especially when eating.

  • Before drinking a hot cup of coffee (or any hot beverage for that matter), test the temperature first if it can be tolerated.
  • Give any hot food or drink a soft blow to make it cooler and tolerable for the tongue.
  • Read labels in foods that usually states that caution must be taken as their filling is hot.
  • Do not engage in eating spicy foods when you know you cannot tolerate the heat of these spices.

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