Pyorrhea Treatment | Diet for Strong Teeth, Inflamed Gums


Dear doctor, I’m currently doing a treatment which involves braces. My gums become red, and  sometimes there is pus formation. This happens only in the upper portion of the gums. I’m suffering from pyorrhea. Now my doctor is saying, that I need to do grafting. Will grafting solve the issue of my gums? Doctor says that the grafting will be done only on the one side of the quadrant, rest will be done if required. Please help.


Pyorrhea is a disorder of the tooth socket. It affects the membrane surrounding the tooth – root, causes pus formation, loosening of the teeth shrinkage of the gums, and even loss of teeth.

Now, I haven’t examined or assessed your teeth and gums. So, what I shall recommend to you is home remedies and certain healing foods that have known to cure pyorrhea effectively. It will alleviate the symptoms and prevent worsening of the condition.

Foods for Healthy Gums

  • Firstly, eliminate all starchy and sugary foods from the diet. Stay away from simple sugars. White sugar, white flour, tinned foods, processed food packets, caffeinated beverages, aerated beverages, and alcohol are a complete no-no.
  • Ensure that you eat a minimum of 5 fruits everyday.
  • Eat foods that are fibrous.
    This helps exercise the teeth and gums. Include lots of apples, carrots, cabbage, guava, tomatoes, and sprouts in the diet.
  • Lime is the key remedy. Make sure that you take 2 limes everyday. Lime is chockfull vitamin C, which is essential for oral health. Vitamin C strengthens the teeth and gums, and checks inflammation and pus formation.
  • Also, brushing the teeth with lime juice is a brilliant treatment option.