Causes Of Swelling Of Gums: Treatment Options To Reduce Swelling

Question: I have swelling in the upper part of my gum and mouth area above a tooth that just broke. The swelling and tenderness was there before the tooth chipped. Could the swelling and tenderness be due to this bad tooth?  I know that seeing a dentist is my best option, but right now I have no job or insurance.  Are there any home remedies?

Answer: It is possible that the swelling and pain, that you suffered from was due to a bad upper tooth. The outer portion of the tooth, which is embedded into the gum, is referred to as the cementum.

It is possible that a pre-existing cavity in that tooth weakened the structure of the tooth. This might have caused the tooth to break off from the base.
A molar tooth has more than one root, so even if one root has decayed and fallen off the other root can be retained. This is probably why you feel that the tooth has chipped, as a part of the tooth has been retained.

Treatment Options For Swelling Of Gums

  • There is very little that you can do to manage the condition at home. A dentist may be required to perform root canal procedure, in order to remove the other roots of the entire tooth, as it may cause problems at a later stage.
  • Maintain utmost oral hygiene. Avoid acidic beverages and foods.
  • Dentist may also prescribe some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs to control oral infection from spreading further and lower the pain.
  • You could try homeopathic remedy Magnesium Phosphoricum 3x, 4 pills every 4 hours. This will reduce gum swelling and also alleviate the oral pain.