Gum Abscess Symptoms, Treatments | Gingival Abscess Home Remedies

Gum or Gingival Abscess

One of the dirtiest parts of our body is the mouth. In fact, there are hundreds of millions of bacteria thriving across the different corners of our mouth. Some of these bacteria can be harmless while others are just simply bad enough to cause certain infections. For instance, dental abscess can occur in your mouth. Dental or gum abscess is an infection in mouth, face, jaw, or throat. This infection normally starts as a simple tooth inflammation or cavity. The bacteria that cause tooth cavity tend to extend towards the gums, cheek, throat, under the tongue, or even in the facial bones.

Dental abscess can be very painful especially when the gums become inflamed. Thus, the following can help you figure out if you have gum abscess symptoms and how you can treat it.

Gum Abscess Symptoms

  • One of the gum abscess symptoms is the inflammation of the gums where pain can be extremely felt. Gum or gingival abscess can be the result of an infection or trauma in the gum tissues.
  • Pus may form at the gums, and this would become progressively painful unless the abscess is ruptured or removed through surgery.
  • In extreme cases, the infection can progress at a point where the person experiences difficulty in breathing.
    Moreover, gum abscess can also lead to nausea, vomiting, fever, and chills among others.

Home Remedies for Gum Abscess

There are available treatments for gum abscess. Gum abscess home remedy includes taking in non-steroidal medicines that have anti-inflammatory properties. These drugs can help you relieve the pain and inflammation of gum abscess. You can also treat gum abscess if it ruptures naturally by rinsing it with warm water to cleanse your mouth. However, intake of these drugs can only ease gum abscess symptoms. A visit to a dentist is still necessary.