Cracked Molar: Treatment, How to Fix, Repair Cracked Molar Pain

How to Fix Cracked Molar

A person’s bite can cause the molar cusps to exert too much force on the opposite tooth that it cracks. When there is a crack in a tooth, it’s usually too small to be even seen on X-rays. It is often molars that get cracked easily because they absorb most of the pressure of chewing. People who grind their teeth are more likely to have a cracked molar than those who don’t. Those who have large fillings and those who have had root canal are also susceptible to having this condition.

Cracked Molar Symptoms

  • When you feel pain in the tooth in biting or chewing food
  • When the tooth is rather sensitive to cold foods and beverages
  • When the tooth feels loose
  • When you have a periodontal defect

If you experience these symptoms, it is better to see a dentist at once to correct the condition. It is a common complaint from dentists that people have the symptoms for months but they ignore it.

Cracked Molar Treatment

  • Avoid eating cold foods followed immediately by hot food or vice versa.
  • Stay away from sweetened snacks.
  • Eat unsweetened salads, fruits, juices, and whole wheat bread.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Massaging gums and teeth regularly keeps them healthy.
  • Gargle with warm salt water to enhance teeth health.
  • Dentist treatment will completely solve your problem with cracked teeth. For light and shallow cracks, repair will be made by putting a crown on the tooth.
  • Deeper cracks that reach the pulp will need root canal or extraction.
  • The simplest maintenance of good teeth is proper and regular brushing.