Causes Of Broken Tooth: Home Remedies For Chipped Teeth Care

Question: My front tooth is half broken due to sudden fall. Please suggest remedy and is there any less expensive treatment for this?

Answer: There is no specific treatment for broken tooth and it is recommended that you visit your dentist at the earliest. Teeth are composed of calcium and relatively very strong, but trauma can cause the teeth to break.

It is also possible that the tooth may have broken due to an underlying decay or deficiency of calcium.
Anatomically, there is a nerve at the base of each tooth and if a large piece of the tooth is broken, it may leave the nerve exposed.

This is a very painful condition.

Home Remedies For Broken Teeth Care

For caring broken tooth, some measures you should take:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • Apply pressure in the area of the trauma for about 10 minutes to stop bleeding, if any.
  • Use cold fomentation on the lips or cheek over the broken tooth.
  • Pain killers will help you relive a bit of your pain.
  • Increase intake of calcium rich foods like milk, egg, green and leafy vegetables, etc.
  • You also should consider taking calcium supplements, after consulting your doctor, to strengthen the teeth.

If decay is observed, change your tooth paste or your method of brushing.

It is possibly not very efficient in maintaining oral hygiene.