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How to Soothe Your Burnt Tongue?

The tongue may just be a piece of muscle in the mouth, but in all aspects, it is a very important one. Not only does it have all the things to do with the food that we eat and its tastes, it also is responsible in the forming of the words we speak.

The tongue is exquisitely designed in a way that makes tasting supreme. It can move the food effortlessly around the mouth, putting it in between the teeth to be chewed and then pushing it back to the throat to be swallowed.

The tongue is also a versatile organ. It is sensitive and tender and can also feel pain. Getting bitten is the most common cause of tongue injuries although it is not the only cause. Allergies and iron deficiency can also trigger tongue pains.

Soothing a Hot Tongue

Even just sipping a very hot beverage will burn your tongue and may also cause pain. A pain so burning that it feels like you want to take it out. Treatment for burnt tongue can also be difficult, which causes trouble in eating. It is an agonizing problem but of course there are remedies to it.

Tips to soothe a burnt tongue:

  • Immediately apply something cool; it could be cold water or ice cubes to heal burnt tongue. The contact with the cold object should be at least a minute long.
  • To cure burnt tongue spread a layer of honey into the burnt area and allow it to sit on your tongue for about 15 seconds.
  • Apply Orajel onto the numb area. Orajel is a topical anesthetic an effective oral treatment to reduce the pain and soothe the burns and tongue blisters. It also serves as a protective covering for the mouth lesions as it sticks into a wet tissue.
  • A small tint of the aloe vera plant relieves the burning sensation on tongue. Do not use aloe vera medications that are already in a bottle, other chemicals have been added into it that is not suitable for oral use.
  • Avoid eating the wrong food, food that will aggravate the situation of your tongue. Evade anything that is spicy, salty, and acidic food’”fruits such as oranges.  Acidic food intensifies the burns and will make it even more painful.
  • For severe burns that have caused tongue blisters, better see your dentist or your physician for proper medication.