Why Do I Have Blood In My Saliva In The Morning?

Many people become frightened to see blood in their saliva. Especially it may be concerning when you see it early in the morning after you get up. Usually the color of saliva is white and watery, but it becomes pink or dark red with presence of blood. There are many causes of blood mixed with saliva; some of them are mild and not concerning.

But blood in saliva may also be a reason for some serious condition such as an ulcer in stomach. The saliva may be tinged with blood that is oozing from nose, respiratory tract and even from upper gastrointestinal tract since the mouth communicates with all these systems.

The color of blood in saliva is often suggestive of various reasons. It may be fresh and red if the saliva is tinged with blood after brushing. Problems with teeth and gums may cause bleeding when you brush your teeth. Rusty or brown tinged blood can be due to blood oozing out from throat or from stomach.

Possible Causes Of Blood In Saliva In The Morning

There are several causes of blood in saliva.

  • Bleeding gums that occurs due to gum problems such as gingivitis can make the saliva blood tinged. It occurs especially when you get up in the morning and brush your teeth.
  • If you brush your teeth vigorously, there may be bleeding from your gums. The blood mixes with your saliva changing its color.
  • Apthous ulcers in mouth and tongue may bleed when you eat food or bite on the ulcer. The ulcers are often sore and painful.
  • Tongue bite at night or wearing improper fitting dentures when you get up in morning can cause trauma on the gums. This may cause bleeding from the gums.
  • The lining of mouth, nose and throat usually remains moist. However, during winter it may become dry. Blood can ooze out from nose or throat and seep into mouth during when you are asleep.
    On waking up in the morning you may find blood tinged saliva when you spit out.
  • Most causes of blood in saliva are associated with problems related to oral cavity, throat or nose. But some serious underlying ailments can also lead to blood tinged saliva. Stomach ulcer is one such gastrointestinal disease that may cause blood in saliva after waking up in morning. Blood from stomach ulcer is usually dark red or dark brown. This may be distinguishing symptom from other causes. However, together with blood in saliva there are many accompanying symptoms of stomach ulcer in the patient such as pain in stomach, burning sensation in chest and stomach etc.
  • Cancer of oral cavity, tuberculosis of lungs, and cancer of lungs are other possibilities. If you suspect any of these problems consult your physician.
  • Use of illicit drugs can make you spit blood stained saliva in morning. Many of these illicit drugs have direct effect on respiratory tract or on lining of nose or mouth when you inhale them. It can cause bleeding from these organs even after many hours of its use.
  • People suffering from blood coagulation disorders or patients taking blood thinners may sometimes notice their saliva stained with blood when they get up in morning.