Causes Of Blood Blister On Tongue: Tongue Blood Blister Treatment

Blood blister is blister filled with blood instead of transparent fluid, which we commonly notice in a blister. Blood blister on tongue is tiny red bump on the surface or on the sides of your tongue. Blood blister on tongue appear suddenly. It is an undue cause of worry in many patients. Blood blister on tongue is caused due to rupture of tiny vessels of the tongue.

There are several reasons noted for these small blood bumps on the tongue. Trauma is considered to be the most important cause of blood blister on tongue.

The other causes such as vitamin deficiency, infection, allergic reaction, autoimmune disease can be triggering factor for causing blood blisters on tongue.

Tongue often indicates the general health of a person. It is for this reason; you may have heard many times from your doctor ‘open your mouth and show your tongue’ while examination. Generally the natural color of tongue is pink and it is moist with even texture. Changes in color and texture of your tongue may be an indication of deviation from normal healthy state.

What Causes Blood Blister On Tongue?

Angina bullosa hemorrhagica: Don’t fear with the long tongue twisting term, it is rather an acute, benign blood blistering disorder, generally affecting the sub epithelial mucosa of the oral cavity and the tongue.

ABH are not related to any systemic disease or blood clotting disorder. It is a rare blood blistering disorder affecting middle aged and elderly individuals. Males and females are equally affected with this disorder.

The average size of blood blister is half cm to two cm. The soft palate and anterior third of the tongue is most commonly affected. The lesion remains for very short period and it does not recur.

More than 50 percent of ABH results from minor trauma to the tongue, such as while doing restorative dental work, or after eating hot food. In the rest of 50 percent the causative factor in not known. No treatment is necessary, because the blood blisters due to this disorder spontaneously ruptures and heal.

Other causes of tongue blood blisters include:

  • An allergic reaction due to food and medication can result into red bumps on the tongue.
  • Nutritional deficiency: particularly, vitamin B12 and vitamin C deficiency can trigger blood blister on the tongue and the oral cavity.
  • Sudden pinching of tongue between the teeth while eating can also result into rupture of blood vessels of the tongue and causing a blood bump.
  • Steroid inhalers used in asthma are said to be a reason for blood blister on tongue.
  • Blood blister on tongue can be caused by eating hard food such as corn chips etc.
  • Rarely red spot on tongue and oral cavity can be due to oral cancer.

 Treatment For Tongue Blood Blister

The effective treatment of blood blister on tongue will depend on identifying the underlying cause, as there are several reasons for blood blisters on tongue.

Generally, blood blister on tongue does not need any treatment and it bursts of its own and heals within two days if the cause is Angina bullosa hemorrhagica. Blood tests may be necessary to rule out blood clotting disorders.

  • For vitamin B12 and C deficiency, increase intake of food containing these vitamins.
  • Probiotic food such as yogurt helps to fight infections causing red bumps on tongue.
  • Proper dental care and maintaining good oral hygiene is also important.
  • Rinse your mouth with salt water, it reduces swelling and speeds up healing of the blister.
  • If there is burning and roughness, apply honey directly on the blister. It is a soothing home remedy.