Black Spots on Tongue: Causes of Small, Tiny Black Spot on Tongue

If you notice black spots on tongue areas that you can easily see when you look in a mirror with your tongue out, you might find yourself worried about it. There are many reasons why you might find a small black spot on tongue areas that are easily visible with a close perusal, and some of these may be a cause for you to go and see your doctor. There are reasons that may be negligible and can be easily brushed away as nothing but hyper-pigmentation. However, there are a few reasons that may be more serious than just the darkening of your tongue in some areas.


Causes of Black Spots on Tongue

Black spots on tongue areas that are easily visible can also be caused by a number of other reasons. When you ask yourself, ‘œwhy is there a black spot on my tongue,’ you need to first ascertain if you did something to cause this to happen. Aside from hyper-pigmentation, the question of ‘œwhy do I see black spots on my tongue’ can be answered with some of the things you have been doing. For one, if you are someone who likes to pierce different parts of your body, with your tongue as one of these parts, you may find that a black spot is left behind when the piercing heals after you get tired of it and remove it.

Here are a couple other reasons why you might find yourself wondering ‘œwhy is there a tiny black spot on tongue areas I can see?’

  • Oral Cancer. While this is pretty rare, it still does generate black spots on a person’s tongue. This often occurs when the cancerous tissues on your tongue disrupts the pigmentation on it.
  • Hairy Tongue. This often happens when a person is an excessive user of products with tobacco, whether it is the chewed type or the smoked type. This can also occur when a person consumes too much alcohol or is on antibiotics frequently.


  1. GC said:

    My tongue is turning black and my axillary area and pubic area are also black and I have black spots on skin. Actually there is pigmentation on my whole body including my face. My vagina and the nipples are also very dark. Please help me out of this problem.

    June 20, 2010
  2. MR said:

    I am a married woman 24 years old. I have peppering tiny black dots in between my tongue grooves. What is this and what can be the cause? I have had breast cancer in the past two years. My last check up, a month ago was great and no problems with that. Kindly suggest me some remedy for these tiny black dots.

    June 16, 2012
  3. PK said:

    Since last 2 months I felt that there are two dark spot on my tongue and there is no pain and swelling. I consulted my doctor and came to know that it may be fungal infection. I really want to know what is it? Did the doctor concealed something or not?

    July 4, 2012
  4. Pracilla said:

    I have black spots on my tongue and it is really irritating. What should I do?

    August 22, 2013
    • PUP said:

      Black spots on tongue are often harmless and they result due to hyper pigmentation. It also results from too much smoking and or chewing tobacco. Taking antibiotics for long duration can result in change in bacterial flora of mouth. This may be one of the reasons if you are taking antibiotics for long duration. Rarely black spots on tongue appear due to oral cancer.

      August 23, 2013
  5. EM said:

    I looked in the mirror and noticed I had a black spot on my tongue? One black spot! I think I bit my tongue the other day but it does not hurt at the moment. What do you think?

    May 7, 2014
    • PUP said:

      The most probable cause of black spot on your tongue may be due to biting of the tongue. Usually it may not hurt, unless if you eat something spicy or hot. Such bumps disappear after few days. However, if it does not disappear, consult your physician.

      May 10, 2014
  6. SG said:

    I have black spots on my tongue and it is really irritating. Tell me what should I do?

    November 21, 2014
    • PUP said:

      Black spots on tongue may be scary, however in many cases it is normal hyper pigmentation that may be since birth which may have increased over a period of time. It is necessary to narrow down other causes. Oral piercing, exposure to chemicals, excessive use of tobacco and alcohol, can form small patch on the tongue. Here are some easy tips to get rid of black spots on tongue.
      • To get rid of black spots on tongue, maintain good oral hygiene.
      • Use tongue cleaner daily once to clean your tongue.
      • Brush your teeth daily two times.
      • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
      • If it is accompanied with a lump or growth in mouth region consult your doctor immediately.

      November 22, 2014
  7. Jennifer said:

    I have dark spots on my tongue and pink bumps all the way in the back and I am really scared. The other day my little sister is starting to have a few dark spots on her tongue and pink bumps in the back. I am scared to tell my mom because I don’t want to go to the dentist and he tells me something scary. I don’t know why this happening. Is this something very bad?

    October 2, 2016

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