Bitten Tongue Treatment | Bruised Tongue Remedy | Heal Tongue Bruise

Bruised Tongue:

At some point in our lives, we experience accidentally biting our own tongue. This may be a result of surprise or when we inadvertently bite our tongue while eating. Also, the tongue may become bruised when it is accidentally scraped against a rough surface. For example, when one has an impacted tooth, there is the possibility that the tongue may rub against a sharp edge of the tooth and cause it to become bruised. Having a bruised tongue is truly disgusting. For some, the pain is prolonged, which is annoying in itself.

Although very painful at first, the situation is not really serious. That is, unless severe and uncontrolled bleeding results from the bite in which case you have to rush to the doctor. Moreover, despite the searing pain, the discomfort will normally fade after a few minutes. Although it may be awkward to chew after wards, nonetheless, the pain is no longer there.

Remedies for a Bitten Tongue:

For ordinary bruises on tongue treatment, try following remedies:

  • Apply toothpaste on the affected part. The mint on the toothpaste results in a cool sensation that replaces the stingy feeling resulting from the bite.
  • Gargle with water and salt. This will help maintain the salinity of the tongue as well as gently acting on the wound itself. In other instances, gargling or rinsing the wound with lukewarm water is already enough.
  • If there is ice immediately available, try to take one after biting the tongue or when it gets bruised. Pick a small chunk of the ice and place it against the affected part. The coolness of the ice will take away the stingy pain feeling. On the other hand, the cold substance allows the exposed blood vessels to heal immediately. Because of this, further bleeding is avoided.
  • If there is aloe vera around, apply the juice against the affected part. In some instances, it may come in a gel form that allows for an even easier application. When using aloe vera for treating bruised tongue, be sure that the variety you are using is of the edible variety.
  • For most people, gargling cold water and holding the liquid in the mouth is enough to relieve the pain. However, make sure that the water is not too cold as it may cause the blood vessels in the mouth cavity to become numb.