Acute Toothache Causes, Treatments | Acute Tooth Pain Symptoms

Acute Toothache Cure:

A sudden toothache is the sign of a bacterial infection around a tooth and/or cavity. Meet your dentist immediately. The below mentioned homeopathic remedies help to cope up with the pain and make waiting time bearable.

Symptoms, Treatments for Acute Tooth Pain:

  • Sudden onset; throbbing, pulsating or pounding pain, often on the right side; cheek is swollen on the affected side; head feels hot and is flushed.

Worse – After eating, in the evening, nights, in cold, cold wind
Better – Sitting in semi-upright position
Remedy – Belladonna 200

  • Stabbing, circulating pain; moves from one tooth to another; wants to be left alone; person is irritated; moody; rejecting.

Worse – Warmth, warm food and drink, smoking, brushing teeth, nights
Better – Cold water rinsing, pressure on the painful side or lying down
Remedy – Bryonia

  • Unbearable pain; often on right side; wants to bang the head against something hard; gums are often burning hot; cheek is swollen, red and hot; sweating on the forehead due to unbearable pain; person is restless, very aggressive and feels situation is unfair; often during pregnancy.

Worse – In the evening, at night, coffee, warmth of any type
Better – Cold drinks, application of something cold, ice bag
Remedy – Chamomilla 200 (One dose every thirty minutes, but not more than four doses)

  • Stabbing, severe pain, that comes and goes in short intervals; may cry because of the pain and exhaustion; attacks are unbearable; the sufferer is restless and anxious.

Worse – Warmth of the bed, warm food, in the evening, nights
Better – Ice cubes, rinsing with ice cold water
Remedy – Coffea 200

  • Cavity plagued teeth are highly sensitive; aching pain that radiates to the ears; often happens during a meal; pulsating pain in the temples; gums are sensitive to touch and are swollen; gums tend to bleed; cheeks are swollen too.

Worse – Cold air, cold drinks, cold
Better – Exerting pressure by clenching teeth, warmth
Remedy – Staphysagria

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