Zetaclear Yellow Toenail Fungus Natural Remedy: Causes And Symptoms

[Q] Does Zetaclear really treat toenail fungus infection? Does it really cure toenail fungus naturally? Are there no side effects of Zetaclear treatment?

[A] Toenail fungus affects a lot of people. This infection is not life threatening but certainly irritating to live with. Nail fungus is embarrassing and can take a toll on your lifestyle. Zetaclear claims to offer an effective remedy. Zetaclear has tea tree oil as one of its main ingredients that promote growth of healthy nails. So, yes, using natural oils such as tea tree oil, Zetaclear does provide a natural cure for your toe nail fungus infection.

[Q] What are the main causes of toe nail fungus? How do we catch the infection? Is it contagious?

[A] Toenail fungus is caused by over exposure of your nails to moisture. This fungus thrives in damp, moist and warm areas and your toenails provide an ideal location. This fungus is also contagious and you may catch it from public places like swimming pools. If you share your socks or shoes with someone infected with the fungus, there is a very good chance you will catch the nail infection. It’s very contagious.

[Q] What are the challenges in treating toe fungus?

[A] The affected area is very difficult to reach.

So curing nail fungus is not straightforward. Nail fungus is neither a bacteria nor a virus, but a plant like organism that keeps growing. If you don’t reach the right spots, the fungus may just keep growing.

[Q] How does Zetaclear help get rid of this fungal infection?

[A] Zetaclear should be applied on top of the nails and also under the nails. Gentle massage to the affected area helps get the natural oils go deeper into the skin and nails, thus reaching the fungus.

[Q] What precautions should I take while treating nail fungus with Zetaclear? How can I prevent toenail fungus?

[A] Avoid applying nail polish, do not wear wet socks or shoes and certainly do not use any one else’s. Avoid swimming pools and long baths or hot tubs. Keep your nails as dry as possible and keep them trimmed and short. Keep the areas between your toes also dry by rubbing a towel between the toes. You can certainly keep your toenails from getting that gross yellow color by taking a little extra care by keeping them clean and dry.

Q: Are there any natural cures for toenail fungus? What are the symptoms and causes of toenail fungus infection? Can toenail fungus be cured using any home remedies?

A: Toenail fungus is caused by a fungus called dermatophytes. Toenail fungus can affect your big toe and small toe. Sometimes even your fingers may be affected by this fungus. Keratin is a substance that is found on the surface of your nails.

The fungus feeds on this keratin and hence there is a likelihood of the fungus spreading. Toenail  discoloration and disfigurement of your toenails may be caused due to this skin fungus.

Q: What are the typical symptoms of toenail fungus? How do I know if my nail is affected by the fungus and is not any other toenail problem? Also, is toenail fungus contagious?

A: If your nail has become yellow or brown in color and is beginning to hurt, you may be affected by toenail fungus. If you feel that you have a thick toenail and has lost some shape and you find it painful to put your socks on, you may be a victim of a toenail fungus infection. Yes, toenail fungus is contagious.

Q: How does one get toenail fungus? What are the causes of this fungal infection?

A: If your nails are exposed to warmth and moisture for an extended period of time, you may get infected by this fungus. Dermatophytes that cause toenail fungus, reside in areas that are warm, damp and moist for a long time. They thrive under such conditions. They grow and spread fast in such conditions. Sometimes your body’s immune system may be a cause, you may not be getting enough blood circulation in your body that reaches your toes and this may make your toenails more vulnerable to the fungal infection. It is also very contagious, so there is a good chance that you catch it from other people you get in contact with, maybe at the swimming pool or other public places.

Q: What are the complications of toe nail fungus? Can it cause any serious harm to our body?

A: In advanced cases, if the fungus is not controlled, it may spread beyond your feet to other parts of the body. If you have a weak immune system, the fungus may spread very fast. If you have diabetes or are under some other medications, your blood circulation may be limited and may cause a problem to your feet.

Q: How can I prevent this dreadful fungal infection?
A: You can certainly do a few basic things to keep the fungus away from your feet (and nails):

  • Do not keep your finger nails and toenails wet.
  • Always dry your nails after bath and wash. Wipe between your toes and ensure your feet are dry.
  • Keep your nails short and trimmed at all times. If you have a thick nail growth, file it and keep it trim.
  • Avoid socks made of materials that will make your feet sweat and keep them moist. Change your socks regularly if your feet sweat excessively.
  • Use anti fungal spray inside your shoes when possible.
  • Wear shoes in public places. Avoid going barefoot.
  • If you happen to touch an infected nail, wash your hands thoroughly so you do not spread the toenail fungus to other areas of your body.

Q: Are there any home remedies or natural cures for toenail fungus that I can try at home by myself?

A: There are a few widely used home remedies used to cure this toenail infection:

  • Vinegar and warm water soak: Some people have found that soaking their feet in a mixture of vinegar and warm water in the proportion of 1:2 helped them prevent the fungus from spreading. Soak for about 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day. After you are done, wipe your feet absolutely dry and throw away the used mixture. Use a new fresh mixture next time to dip your feet.
  • Using tea tree oil, rub it on the affected area. Tea tree oil has anti fungal properties and may cure toenail fungus (toenail fungus tea tree oil).
  • Try soaking your toes in Listerine antiseptic. Some people have tried Vapor Rub and found that it worked. But again, there is no clinical evidence that this cures toenail fungus. So try with caution after consulting your doctor.
  • A mixture of 2 drops of oregano essential oil and a tablespoon of olive oil should be applied to the affected area.

Try these for not more than a couple of days. In fact, you must check with your physician before you try these remedies. Some people have claimed they could cure or control toenail fungus using these home remedies, but results may vary from person to person.

Q: What is Onychomycosis? Is this the same as toenail fungus?
A: Onychomycosis is caused by dermatophytes, and is also a fungal infection. Onychomycosis affects the finger nails and toenails most often. Onychomycosis is also known as “Tinea unguium” or Tinea of the nails.