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The elbow is the hinge joint located in the middle portion of the arm where three of the bones meet. Its function is to help move the arm forward or backward and in rotating it by twisting it outward or inward just like when you pull open and push to close a cabinet door with the help of its hinges. That is why it is also called the hinge joint. There are a group of muscles called the biceps that help in flexing the elbow while the triceps will help extend the elbow.

In both the inner and outer portion of the elbow you will find the tendons attached on the tip where you will find a fluid filled sac or the bursa. The bursa is the one that covers the elbow and reduces crashing of the bones against each other or friction. One doesn’t really appreciate its importance until he/she gets a swollen elbow.

Pain on the Elbow

A red swollen elbow is very painful. It will limit your movement and your activities as well. The joints feel stiff and tight which makes even the slightest movement uneasy.

This is very common after suffering an injury on it, and you will feel an unbearable kind of pain that will also cause you to have fever. If the swelling persists more than two days, one should see a doctor. But because many people have tried natural remedies on this, other people who suffered an elbow injury are also looking for effective natural remedies to try on.

Home Remedies for Red, Sore and Painful Swollen Elbow

Natural remedies have already been proven effective, and there are no side effects along with taking them, which is the reason why people are looking into this kind of remedy to cure their swollen elbow.

  • If there is severe inflammation, one may a teaspoon of honey added to warm water and then drinking it. Honey eases inflammation and will reduce the swollen elbow pain brought about by the swelling. Honey also relieves fever.
  • Arnica is another natural remedy that helps ease the tightness on the joints. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will help heal the inflammation on the elbow. Arnica is also effective in treating a broken cartilage and bones.
  • A pack of ice on the swollen area will be helpful to ease the pain. It will also relieve the swelling on the elbow. Repeating the procedure every 2 to 3 hours will eventually stop the swelling.

When dealing with a sore swollen elbow, one should limit the use of the affected arm. This is to ensure that the swelling will totally subside and that the bones will heal. Adding pressure or weight on it might risk further injuries. This arm should be taken cared of until the inflammation is totally healed.

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