Surgical Wound Infection: Symptoms & What Precautions To Take?

Twelve percent of surgical wound infections are acquired in hospitals, while some of them happen after the patient is discharged from the hospital. The severity of surgical wound infection depends on the type of surgical procedure conducted.

Generally, contaminated surgeries such as colorectal surgery or delayed surgery to wounds out of accidents and trauma result in infections especially if not properly dressed or attended.

Symptoms Of Surgical Wound Infections

To ensure that you won’t suffer from wound infection after surgical process, pay careful attention to your wound and constantly look for possible surgical wound infections symptoms such as the following:

  • A few days after surgery, look for signs of redness around your wound.
    Continually check your wound for redness until the wound has totally healed.
  • Be keen about throbbing and sudden pain on the site of the wound. This pain is most often accompanied with heat sensation and redness around the wound area.
  • Check the wound carefully for any signs of discharge, whether colored or clear fluid. Usually, discharges emit an unpleasant smell.
  • Watch for red streaks that leaves the wound area. These red streaks are signs of definite infection that require antibiotics for treatment.
  • Every now and then, check your temperature as infections are most often accompanied by fever and chills that could increase to an alarming level depending on the severity of infection.

Precautions For Surgical Wound Infections

If symptoms of surgical wound infection manifest, contact your doctor immediately to prevent complications and further damage.

Clean the surgical wound with antiseptic cream and cover it with sterile gauze for microbial protection. Keep your area clean and free from pollutants.

Disinfect your room every once in a while during the healing process, and eat a healthy and balanced diet because proper nutrition and healing has a strong correlation.

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