Stomach Upset Home Remedies, Diet to Prevent Stomach Problems

My husband had a stomach upset today morning. He has some fever, but is better from the stomach problem. I need to know some natural cures for this stomach upset problem.

[Q] Can I give him boiled egg? How about some chicken or will it cause more stomach aches?
[A] I think its best to stick to vegetarian food; steamed vegetables, boiled water and no meat, egg etc. till he is normal; And if the fever subsides you can go back to your normal life.
[A] Does he have any other symptoms at this point?
[Q] He was feeling very weak.

But his stomach is ok now. No, he has no other symptoms.
[A] OK, then make sure he has enough water and good “boiled” food; and watch for one day
[A] Yes, ok
[A] When you have stomach upsets its good to stay away from food that not very easy to digest; so stick to vegetable soups and fruits kind of diet
[Q] I hardly have any vegetables at home because they are all cooked… But since I’ve cooked them… no point giving then since it has spices. Which vegetables or fruits I should avoid? Bananas should be good right? Any specific diet I should stick to till this stomach problem is cured?
[A] You need not avoid any particular vegetable; 1 banana should be ok – unless he is allergic to it
[A] Do what you can with what you have, since this does not seem to be a serious problem – but if fever persists, you must see you local doctor; Make sure he has enough water – so there is not dehydration problem due to the upset stomach.

Some other treatments for upset stomach include:
1. Stay away from milk and other dairy products
2. Avoid smoking, alcohol and other caffeinated drinks – stick to boiled water instead.
3. Do not take too many antacids
4. Increase your fiber intake with more fruits and green vegetables
5. Do not overeat – just enough to satisfy your hunger.
6. Do not eat meat or fatty foods, fried foods
7. Do light exercises – like brisk walks
8. Try to remain stress free – meditate, get enough rest.
[Q] Thanks a ton… banana, boiled egg, some rice. Sure. Will also pass on the information to friends. This was neat and quick.