Stomach Upset and Pain Causes and Cures to stop the belly ache

I have an upset Stomach for the last 2 days. Belly starts aching at times.
What natural cures do you know of? Is this diarrhea? What Diet should I
[A] How long have you had this problem?
[A] And what other symptoms do you have?
[Q] I have this stomach ache for a couple of days now.
[A] Do you have nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea?
[Q] I have not eaten food for 2 days now.
[Q] I vomited once
[Q] What food should I eat, any specific diet for upset stomach or diarrhea?
[A] Since you have had this problem for 2 day, I think you probably go and
see a doctor.

[A] Does it look like diarrhea? Do you have frequent lose motions?
[Q] I have to visit the washroom about three times a day
[A] Drink a lot of water, Eat freshly cooked foods, and avoid canned or
tinned food
[A] Drink some lemon tea with some honey added to it
[A] Make a juice mixture of mint, lemon and ginger and add water to it and
drink that.
[Q] Can I eat chicken when I have stomach pain?
[A] Avoid eating fried food or non vegetarian food for some time.

[Q] How about eggs? Will that cause a problem for my already painful
[Q] I love drinking coconut water, can I continue that or will it not go
well with an upset stomach?
[A] Try these suggested home remedies for stomach pain mentioned above and
then try all other exercise and egg etc.
[A] Coconut water should also be ok
[Q] Thanks for your help
[A] Make sure you keep yourself hydrated by drinking lot of water. also try
to drink boiled water – just in case you are drinking tap water directly. Or
drink bottled water to be on the safe side.
[A] I hope your stomach pain subsides soon. Good luck.
[A] Thanks for contacting us. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if
we can be of further assistance.