Red Itchy Toes | Red Swollen Itchy Toes | Causes and Treatment

There are a number of reasons why one can suffer from itchy toes. The common reason would be ignoring an excessive sweating of the feet. This usually happens when the feet is covered with socks and shoes for an extended period which can subsequently cause irritations.

Sweaty Feet

There are people who easily sweat, and if you are one of them, then you cannot do otherwise but to be cautious and conscious of whatever part of the body that sweats more than the average. If it is not possible to do away with socks and shoes, then you should be careful in choosing the material for your socks.

Cotton socks absorbs more sweat than nylon and it also allows air to pass and will keep the feet dry. There are foot powders that keep the feet dry and can help prevent itchy toes.

Wearing leather shoes can also cause sweaty feet so that it is best to opt for sling back or open toed shoes or anything that can keep away from moisture and sweat and subsequently itchy swollen toes. Make it a habit to let the feet get some air and wash them once or twice a day using mild soap.

If the feet are too irritated, you should check with the doctor who can give you a thorough examination on what might be causing the itchiness.

Causes of Itchy Toe

  • Athlete’s foot is the most common cause of red itchy toes other than having sweaty feet. It is caused by the fungi Tinea pedis wherein the skin on the soles, the upper part and sides of the foot, and the skin between toes becomes itchy, reddened, damp, and sore and may eventually peel off. Just about anyone can get the infection and the fungi can be transmitted through the small pores of the feet by walking on a gym floor, in a public shower or by sharing infected shoes. Treatment includes application of anti-fungal cream, tea tree oil cream or placing crushed raw garlic on the affected area, while it can be prevented by keeping the skin dry and wearing dry, clean socks.
  • Ground itch or creeping eruption caused by an immature parasitic intestinal worm called Cutaneous larva migrans usually found in feces of dogs, cats, and other animals. Skin contact with sand or moist soil when walking barefoot can cause itchy toes evidenced by snake-like reddish tunnel. Using anti-parasitic ointments will help take away the itch and the ultimate healing of lesions in four to eight weeks.

Red Itchy Toes Treatment

  • Any kind of Anti-fungal cream or powder which is available over the counter will work
  • Apply crushed Raw garlic over affected area, this will help in healing process.
  • To prevent this from happening again, Keep the toes area clean; wash the area with soap twice or thrice a day.