Popping Ears Causes, Treatment: Swollen Eustachian Tubes

Popping in my ears constantly when I swallow.  Can you send me treatment for popping ears?


Here are a few tips that may help ease pressure on your eustachian tubes and treat popping ears:

  1. Eustachian tubes normally open and close; Sucking on a hard candy or chewing on a gum will help keep the tubes open for a longer time. This could prevent popping ears.
  2. If your eustachian dysfunction is because of upper respiratory infections and sinusitis you must consult your doctor and find a solution. Sometimes you may get popping ears due to smoking or allergic rhinitis.
    These causes can be treated.
  3. Nasal sprays may help in some cases to treat your eustachian tubes and help cure your popping ears problem. You may get these nasal sprays over the counter but do check with your doctor before you use them to treat you ear crackling problem.

Home Remedies for Popping Ears

  1. Another easy home remedy for popping ears is to try and blow up a balloon. Alternatively, close your nostrils shut with your fingers and try to blow air from you nose. The air will make it’s way to the eustachian tubes and try to clear the passage.
    This is ironically also called ‘popping your ears’. This home remedy may help in many cases to cure your popping ear condition.
  2. Some people also claim that drinking water continuously without breathing for a while has also helped. Take a bottle of water, look upwards towards the sky and without inhaling or exhaling, try to to drink as much water as possible by pouring water from the bottle about a couple of inches from your mouth. this tends to create some pressure in the eustachian tubes and may clear the popping in your ears.

Hope this helps. Do let us know.