Peeling Toenails: Causes, Home Remedies and Natural Treatments

Causes of Peeling Toenails

Peeling toe nails can be a result of varied reasons. The most common peeling toe nails causes are fungal infection, usually by the toes, which eventually affects the toe nails if left unattended. Other causes can be due to lack of proper foot care, rough usage, overexposure to water, and dry air. Also, vitamin and mineral deficiency can lead to toe nail damage such as peeling.

Natural Home Remedies and Treatment for Peeling toe Nails

Although there are several home remedies and treatment of peeling toe nails, it would still be safe if you consult a doctor for its proper management.

This is because a simple toe nail problem can also lead to severe foot and nail conditions if left untreated. However, if your toe nail peeling is due to lack of proper treatment and other minor causes, you can just apply helpful home remedies to treat your toe nail condition. Some of these home remedies include:

  • Avoid too much air and sunlight exposure of your toe nail as it would lead to dryness and peeling. If you would go out, especially for long periods, wear socks beneath your sandals or wear proper fitted shoes.
    If your toe nails are already peeling, apply petroleum jelly before wearing your socks.
  • Soak your toe nails on a basin or bowl of lemon juice. This will strengthen and naturally moisturize your toe nails.
  • Eat healthy foods especially those that are rich in calcium and vitamins E and D. Taking lots of fibrous foods and those that are high in protein can also solve your toe nail problem.
  • Keep your toe nails well trimmed and for a while avoid using nail polish and nail polish remover as they may contain harsh ingredients that could dry and peel off your toe nails.