Causes Of Nasal Bleeding: Embolization Treatment For Epistaxis

Question: I am suffering from nasal bleeding since last four months. I have undergone operation [cauterization] two months. Bleeding has not yet stopped.

Doctor suggested me to go for CT angiogram & embolization. I want your second opinion, is embolization ultimate and 100% full proof remedy for Epistaxis? I am waiting for your reply before deciding for another operation i.e. Embolization.

Nasal Bleeding Causes And Treatment With Embolization

  • Epistaxis (or a nosebleed) is a relatively common occurrence, with the only noticeable symptom being blood drain through the nose. Little’s area located on the anterior part of the cartilaginous portion of the nasal septum, is the common region from where bleeding occurs primarily because it is highly vascular.
    Posterior nosebleeds are relatively less common but more concerning, since it is difficult to estimate the exact amount of blood loss.
  • The causes for epistaxis are multi-fold, which may range from local (inflammation, trauma, neoplasm, etc) to systemic causes (Hypertension, blood dyscrasias, etc).  Embolization is a simple, minimal invasive procedure which involves selective occlusion of blood vessel by purposely introducing emboli (air bubble). The emboli will obstruct the flow of blood and thereby stop subsequent bleeding through the vessel.
  • If the causative factor for your epistaxis is local, the procedure of embolization should be able to halt the subsequent occurrence of epistaxis, however a systemic cause will require to be addressed more cautiously.  However, no intervention is fool proof and 100% effective and its success will depend upon the training and experience of the ENT specialist handling your case (though it is a simple procedure).
  • Please talk to your doctor and discuss your concerns with him. It will help you understand your problem better and also develop a comprehensive understanding of the procedure. I would suggest if your doctor is convinced you should go ahead with the procedure.


  1. k said:

    My 2 year old son has nose bleeding problem. I have been to a ent specialist doctor who recommends cautery. I want know this treatment how safe for two year old. What are the side effects of Nasal Cauterization. What is Nasal cauterization. Does cautery help treat nasal bleeding? Is it a safe medical procedure?

    November 2, 2010
    • PUP said:

      In nasal cauterization, the tiny bleeding vessels inside the nose are burned with laser or with other methods. Nasal cauterization may be painful at times. In a very small moderation this can be a helpful treatment. But over use can cause more harm than good. Chances of nasal bleeding after nasal cauterization are not ruled out. You can take one more opinion from another ENT specialist. Ask him whether your son can be treated conservatively.

      November 5, 2010

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