Mucus Build Up in Throat: Home Remedies for Mucus Congestion, Buildup

How to Prevent Mucus Buildup

Excess mucus can be very irritating. Some signs that a person is suffering from this discomfort include sneezing, coughing, rattling in the chest, and wheezing. Before you know it, mucus build up can result to serious respiratory problems. Excess phlegm build up can be the cause of many things or habits.

It can also be a symptom of serious cases of flu or cold. Moreover, mucus buildup can also be a side effect for people who have undergone general surgery while for some smokers, it can be the adverse symptom of respiratory diseases or the mucus would tend to just build up until it gets worse in your lungs.

However, mucus buildup can be treated using some natural treatments. So the following are just some of the many mucus congestion home treatment that you can benefit from.

Treat Mucus Buildup Naturally With Home Remedies

Excess of anything in your body, especially if it happens internally, can be really alarming. And no matter what the reasons are for the concentration of mucus in your body, it is always necessary to find ways to solve the problem and treat mucus buildup. Natural mucus congestion home treatment include:

  • When you are feeling the mucus in your nasal membranes or in your throat, the simplest thing you can do is of course to dispose it off by blowing it out of your nose or coughing it out.
    Well, this is at the onset of the presence of mucus in the body.
  • In some cases, there are also commercial saline solutions such as saltwater that can be useful in clearing the nasal and sinus passages. These solutions can help for easy breathing and can provide quick relief.
  • Sipping tea such as peppermint tea, lemon tea, or even chicken soup has been proven to solve problems surrounding excessive mucus. The steam from these organic beverages helps in decongesting air passages in the body.
  • Doing a lung exercise can also help in mucus congestion home treatment.
    This treatment is just very simple since it only involves deep breathing and an instant cough.
  • A simple breathing exercise can also help you deal with excess mucus. You can do four to five times of deep breathing regularly even after you cough out the mucus. In this way, you can help your lungs gather the fresh air it needs.
  • Most importantly, avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking because it will also destroy other systems in your body.