Back Pain Home Remedies: Causes & Tips To Prevent It From Recurring

Upper Back Pain
Upper Back Pain

What is Back pain? When is my upper back, lower back, left and right side at risk of a backache?

Backache is stiffness and pain in the lower back can constitute several forms such as:

  1. Muscle spasms – Back injury may cause spasm. It can be aggravated further due to tense back muscles, weak abdominal muscles, poor posture and sitting in the same position for a long time.
    The most common form of spasm is the sudden occurrence of painful contractions of muscles in the back.
  2. Structural defects – Like excessive curvature in the lower back or sideways curvature may also be responsible for backache. Medical problems like arthritis, cancer, kidney disease, spinal infection and osteoporosis may all cause backaches.
  3. Sprain (when a ligament is partially torn) and strain (when a muscle is over stretched) are also main factors of back disorders.
  4. Disk problems – Only about 2 % – 4% of slipped disc is responsible for back ailments.

Symptoms: When you sit for long periods there is gradual stiffening.

Pain in lower back that maybe a little uncomfortable or severe, stiffness or persistent tenderness.

Causes of Backache

  • Vertebrae of the lower back are erect and are cushioned by fibrous pads. But if the vertebrae lose their elasticity, they are unable to absorb shock and that is when pain strikes.
  • Some of the factors that worsen these injuries are obesity, pregnancy, improper lifting of heavy objects, tension, stress and poor posture.

Home Remedies For Backache

  • Lie down and rest for both mild and severe pain. Lying down on the floor takes pressure off back and provides relief. Lie on the floor with your hips and knees bent and your heels on the seat of a chair
  • Take some medicine after consulting your doctor to prevent inflammation and to reduce pain.
  • Avoid strenuous tasks for a few days in case of minor pain or soreness in the back.
  • For soreness in specific area of the lower back, use hot compresses, a hot bath or shower to increase blood flow and relieve pain. Even ice packed in a towel can block the pain temporarily
  • Bed rest should be taken only as advised by the doctor. Overdoing it can weaken muscles and can lead to further back injury.

How To Prevent Back Pain?

  • Maintain correct posture whenever you sit or stand as this reduces pressure on the back.
  • Walking, cycling in an upright posture and simple swimming can enhance health of your back.
  • Stop activities like bending, stretching and turning if they hurt you.
  • Dress in comfortable clothes and avoid high heels.
  • Avoid being obese and maintain correct weight for your height.
  • Lie on your sides (when you sleep) with your knees bent and to relieve pressure on the disks. Insert a board under your mattress if it is too soft.