Index Finger Knuckle Pain: Causes, Remedies for Pain in Finger Knuckle

Pain in index finger and knuckle is a common complain among writers and those whose fingers do repetitive motions such as clicking the mouse or those who went through hand or finger trauma. The usual index finger knuckle pain causes include the following:

Index Finger Knuckle Pain Causes

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome. This finger and wrist condition is usually accompanied with mild tingling of the hand, which progresses to pain and stiffness of wrist and fingers. As the pain develops, it spreads out to the thumb, index and to the rest of the fingers.
  • Trigger finger is another cause of pain in index finger, knuckle, and other hand parts. This condition is due to repeated trauma to the sheath over the finger’s knuckle and tendon. Trigger finger also happens when the tendon in the index finger gets stuck while bending and can no longer straighten the finger back.
  • Writer’s cramp goes with severe pain and stiffness while the fingers are in flexed position making writing difficult and painful. Writer’s cramp targets the index fingers and is accompanied with uncontrollable shaking that interfere writing.

Remedies for Pain in the Index Finger and Knuckle

There are ways to get rid of pain in index finger, knuckle, and other hand parts and they include:

  • Take ibuprofen because it is clinically proven to ease the pain and soothe stuck ligaments and tendons.
    Do not take ibuprofen with an empty stomach.
  • To relieve pain and soreness, rest your hands by hold them up for a few minutes before continuing your work.
  • Lie on your stomach then place your hands in front of you with the support of pillows. This will allow better blood circulation and relaxation for your hands and fingers.

If symptoms persist, seek medical opinion or a professional therapist to help you with your condition.