What Is Folliculitis? Its Symptoms, Causes And Natural Remedies

Folliculitis is localized, tender, and inflamed swelling in the skin surrounded by large red area. Inflammation if not subsided with few days may cause pus-filled swelling and infection. They are infections of the hair follicles of the skin.

Folliculitis is quite painful condition, particularly in areas where skin is closely attached to the underlying tissues, such as fingers, nose and ears. This condition is usually seen in young adults and teenagers. Face, neck, buttocks and thighs are commonly affected by folliculitis.

Folliculitis is caused generally due to staphylococcus bacteria which enter into the hair follicles or sweat glands.

However, several other factors are also important in predisposing the growth of bacteria in the hair follicles. The main factor for this is faulty diet, unhealthy living and lack of self care. Boils appear usually in the persons who have lack of immunity and when they are in devitalized condition.

How To Prevent Folliculitis?

  • Coffee and tea, sugar and starchy foods, like pastries and cakes, chocolates and sweets, refined sugar and white bread should be avoided.
  • Condiments like sauces and pickles should also be avoided.
  • Well-balanced diet should be taken. Orange juice which is rich in vitamin C should be taken for few days as it helps in healing process.

Natural Home Remedies For Folliculitis

  • Betel leaves are a useful remedy for folliculitis. It is helpful in folliculitis which has inflamed and pus formation is present. The leaf should be warmed first and then it should be laid on the inflamed part. It is coated with castor oil. It has to be replaced every 2 to 3 hours. After some applications the pus-filled folliculitis will rupture and healing will be faster.
  • Garlic and onion are one of the commonly used house-hold daily remedies. They are very beneficial for treating boils. The juice of garlic or onion may be applied externally on the inflamed part. It helps in ripening and breaks them and the pus is evacuated.
  • Garlic pods can also be taken orally, two to three daily, to have good results.
  • Turmeric powder should be applied on the inflamed part as it helps in the healing process of the folliculitis. In case of fresh inflammation, a few dry roots of turmeric are roasted and the ashes are dissolved in water. This application is then spread over the effected part. This will help in ripening of the folliculitis and healing thereafter.