Flash Burn Treatment: ARC, Welding Burns Home Remedies and Cures

When a person says that he has corneal flash burns, it basically means that he is suffering from burns that his eyes got when it was exposed to a very strong light. This kind of a burn is called UV keratitis or sometimes UV keratoconjunctivitis. What happens when a flash burn occurs is that the cornea, or the front of the eyeball that is covered with a clear layer, is hurt or got burned by a strong light source.

Causes for Flash Burns

A person can suffer from corneal flash burns when his eyes are exposed to certain strong sources of light.

You can find people suffering from Welders flash burns or arc flash burns after they either accidentally looked at someone welding. This can also happen if they themselves are welding something and they do not wear the proper protective eyewear needed for such an activity. Other things that can cause these flash burns include sun lamps that you accidentally aim at your eyes and even a reflection of the sun on something bright like snow for example or a mirror that hits your eyes.

Home Remedies and Treatment for Flash Burns

Flash burn treatment should be started immediately after you suspect that you have flash burns.

Flash burns from welding can be very painful and may even make you feel like a grain of sand is stuck in your eye.  When you find yourself feeling pain, some swelling, and have blurry vision after looking at something bright or watching someone weld, you will need to first close your eyes to let it rest. You will then need to soak some gauze pads in cold water, wring out the excess, lie back, and place these cold patches over your eyes. You can also use cool tea bags on these eyes to help reduce the swelling and the pain.

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