Fatty Cysts: Causes and Home Remedies for Natural Fatty Cyst Removal

Fatty cysts can occur anywhere in the body. Their size can vary, but usually they are the size of a bean or a pea and are filled with gas, fluid, or semi-solid substances. Fatty cysts are generally harmless especially if you could move them with your fingers. But if they are firm, hard, and cannot be moved, it could be harmful, and it would be better if would visit your doctor for proper diagnosis. Although fatty cysts are generally harmless, it could be bothering to look at small lumps on the surface of your skin.

What Causes Fatty Cysts

Fatty cysts are usually the result of the accumulation of toxins beneath the skin. The buildup of toxins pushes their way up resulting to bumps and lumps on the skin surface. Hereditary factors are also another cause of fatty cysts, while sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle ranks on top among the causes.

Getting Rid of the Fatty Cysts Naturally

To get rid of the unsightly lumps on your skin surface, you can make use of fatty cysts removal remedies that you can apply even without professional help. These remedies are natural, safe, and effective.

  • Detoxify. Cleanse yourself to flush out toxins in the body by drinking a glass of lemon juice every morning after you wake up. Drink lemon juice on an empty stomach. You can add a teaspoon of honey for added health benefits.
  • Drink up. Drink more than 8 glasses of water a day for purification and fat elimination.
  • Avoid fatty food especially those that are fried and obtained through fast foods. You should also switch to olive or vegetable oil when cooking and avoid processed products.
  • Exercise. There are several physical exercises that you can practice to shed off excess weight and fatty cysts in the body.

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