Ears Pop When I Swallow | Causes and Home Remedies for Ears Popping

Why Do Ears Pop When I Swallow

‘œYou should swallow your saliva to make your ears pop.’ You may have experienced these a few times before, and you may have been given this advice by a lot of people when you get to high altitudes. This advice to swallow to make your ears pop is given to people who find that their ears clog up due to the sudden change in altitude, and this is done to get your hearing to return to normal. There are some people however who suffer from popping ears when they swallow even when there is no change in altitude and this is why they ask, ‘œWhy do my ears pop when I swallow?’


Causes for Popping Ears When Swallowing

When you wonder to yourself ‘œwhy do my ears pop when I swallow’ even when you are not at high altitudes, you may have a problem with the pressure in your ears.

This may mean that you have problems with nasal congestion, and this causes the pressure to build up in your ears. The question as to ‘œwhy my ears pop when I swallow’ is often answered with ‘œbecause it is relieving the pressure that has built up in it due to other factors like colds and allergies.’


Home Remedies to Relieve Pressure in Ears

Aside from swallowing, people find that yawning, sniffing, or gargling with salted warm water can help them relieve the pressure that is in their ears due to sinus problems and to colds.

You can also try sucking on a piece of candy, chewing on a stick of gum, or taking a decongestant or antihistamine to get rid of the pressure that has built up in your ear. You should understand that when you know the answer to the question of ‘œwhy do my ears pop when I swallow’ you will be able to remedy it better without waiting for it pop the next time you swallow.