Diet and Meal Plan for Weakness, Get more energy with power foods

I feel weak quickly after having meals. What diet should I maintain to remain energetic during throughout the day? A gap of how many hours between meals is ideal? Recommend healthy food that I can take to avoid getting weak. Are there are power foods that I can include in my diet?

[A] Tell me a little about yourself, your age, weight, height, occupation, a little about your lifestyle
[Q] I am 25 yrs old and my weight is 56 kg and my height is 5 feet 4 inches. I do a regular day desk job.

[A] Since when do you have this weakness problem? I mean, feeling weak after meals. Does this happen after every meal? Or are you generally feeling weak all day?

[Q] I don’t feel weak all day but after 3-4 hours of eating food I feel weak.

[A] If you are feeling weak or have weakness as a general problem, you can try to eat food with lot of iron: such as honey, almonds, bananas, Raisins, Spinach and other Green Leafy vegetables. Do not drink coffee or tea after meals. If you can, avoid these drinks.

You probably need a “fuller meal”. As it looks like your meal is probably not enough for you to carry out the tasks you are doing.

[Q] No I have tea only twice a day once in morning and in evening but not after meal

[A] You can try to have smaller meals, but more frequently during the day if that is possible.

[Q] What kind of diet should I maintain?

[A] Please read the list of energy foods I have mentioned above. In addition, eat a banana after every meal. This will keep supplying energy to your body.

[Q] I have tea with toast in morning, lunch at 1-2pm, tea at 4-5pm and then dinner at 9-10pm is it sufficient
[A] I can see a problem in your meal pattern. You must have a heavy breakfast. just a toast till 1-2pm is too much exertion on your body. If you feel hungry later, eat a banana or have some honey or almonds or raisins.

[Q] What diet should i maintain and what food will give me energy and strength?

[A] Have a heavy breakfast with some cereal or your regular staple diet. Having a oatmeal and fruits for breakfast can help. Drink a cup of milk after breakfast. Then during your lunch time, eat your regular lunch. Before or after your lunch, if you feel hungry you must eat a banana or some other fruit. Then drink water or any fruit juice if possible. Then have your dinner as usual, if possible a little earlier than 9-10pm – keep about 2 hours between dinner and your bedtime to avoid gaining weight.
I think this diet should help you store more energy in your body.

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