Benefits Of Detoxification: Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Toxins

Detox, a term short for detoxification, is the body’s natural, ongoing process of neutralizing or eliminating toxins from the body. Toxins ranges from anything that can potentially harm body tissues are transformed chemically to less harmful compounds and excreted via stools or urine.

Generally, detoxification has a purpose. Not only does it imply rehabilitation from an abuse of substance but overall to restore the health of an individual. The following are important purposes of the process:

  • It serves to minimize the amount of chemicals ingested by eating food and fluids.
  • It emphasizes the need for food rich in vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants.
  • It encourages people to regularly eat and drink food that has high-fiber content that draws out and eliminates toxins by increasing the frequency of bowel movements and urination to facilitate the excretion of toxins.

Home Remedies For Detoxification

There are numerous means for an individual to undergo detoxification. It can be done just at home with these lists of herbs. An individual can eat fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, and the likes within an allotted time of detox.

  • Dandelion, licorice root, black walnut hulls and milk thistle help in detoxification. You can use one of these herbs to detoxify your body.
  • Fruits and vegetable are the most effective and easily available home remedies to undergo detoxification.
  • Grapes are an excellent source of potassium, which encourages an alkaline blood balance and also stimulates the kidneys and regulates heartbeat. The restorative power of grapes is phenomenal, cleansing the liver and removing the uric acid from the body.
  • Pineapples: The fiber-rich fruit is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin c. It helps facilitate the cleansing the digestive system.

Side Effects Of Detoxification

It cannot be disregarded that there would side effects and symptom that an individual experiences while undergoing detoxification. The body adjusts to the new method of cleansing.

These are the following fairly common things an individual would usually experience during detoxification:

  • Loss of weight. With the decrease of calories being taken in and the fasting method detox would require, the body would of course shed off some weight when naturally stored muscles and fat would burn to cope with the decrease of intake.
  • Diarrhea or constipation. This is a common experience due to the intolerance of the food. Others may easily adapt to the detoxification; however, there are those who cannot. They may have disturbances in their digestion instead.
  • Before embarking on a detoxification cycle, an individual must know his limitations. There are those hypoglycemic individuals who have to watch out their food intake as the effects of detoxification might complicate further their existing health conditions.