Natural Ways To Lighten Dark Skin: Massage Therapy For Dark Elbows

Dark skin color or wheatish skin is common in certain regions of the world. So one cannot change the skin color but one can increase the glow and tone of the skin and also loosen the toxins from it.

For the start one has to follow three basic steps for dark skin treatment and for dark elbow. This includes massage, steaming and scrubbing of the skin.

Massage – Massage is very important in loosening of the toxins and thus it brings dead cells into circulation which is stagnant at that area.

Massage for 15 minutes by moving your fingers in clockwise direction.

The essential things which are used for the massage differ from person to person depending upon the texture of the skin (dry, oily or normal texture).

  • For dry skin texture: Things which can be used for massage are jasmine, orange, rose and sandalwood water along with oil of carrot seeds and avocado.
  • For thick oily skin: Cedar, musk and cinnamon extract in mustard, olive and almond oil.
  • For normal skin: Rosewood, sandalwood, jasmine and rose oil can be used with coconut, sunflower oil and sesame oil.

Natural Remedies For Dark Skin And Dark Elbows

  • Steaming – Massage your skin for at least 15 to 20 minutes every day.
    After you have finished with massage you should have warm compresses or steam with essential medicinal substances like lavender, lemon peel, ginger mint or bay-leaf. This procedure of steaming the skin helps to open the pores and allows the essential oils to enter and nourish the skin, thus improving the glow and tone of the skin.
  • Scrubbing – After massage and steaming the skin scrubbing is to be done. This is to remove the dead skin from the outer layer of the skin thus allowing the healthy skin regeneration. Scrubbing can be done with herbals, oat flour, powdered almonds, basil leave powder, rose petals, sandalwood and coriander seeds for 15 minutes.

After scrubbing is done a skin pack made by following method, should be applied. Beat the white of an egg and spread out as a thin film on your face. Rinse off after 30 minutes. This mask lightens the skin and irons out the wrinkles and thus helps in regaining the glow and skin color.


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