Cyst on Thigh: Causes, Remedies, Treatment for Sebaceous & Ganglion Cyst

A cyst on thigh could be the result of several causes, but the most common one is the hardening and inflammation of a particular pore in the thighs due to the accumulation of trapped sebum or the medium-thick fluid released by sebaceous glands. Because the sebum is blocked and could not find its way out, the surface of the skin forms tiny lumps or cysts. These cysts could appear anywhere in the body, but the usual areas are the face and neck. However, they also appear on thighs and even on the genital area.

Home Remedies and Prevention Tips of Cyst on Thigh (sebaceous and ganglion Cysts)

A cyst on thigh is harmless, but it can cause great discomfort. The bacteria can also spread to other pores causing skin diseases. To prevent having cysts on your thighs, it is important for you to maintain proper hygiene.

  • Take a bath at least twice a day using anti-bacterial soap. It would be better if you would use warm water for showering to help soften your hardened blocked pore and naturally drain the sebum out.
  • Diet also plays an important part in preventing cyst on thigh and other skin infections.
    Avoid eating greasy or fatty foods especially those that can be readily ordered from fast foods. Processed, canned, and salty foods are also known to increase the production of sebum in the body thus increasing your propensity to develop cyst on thigh especially when you have poor hygiene.
  • Instead of processed foods, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C to boost your immune system. Garlic is naturally high in anti-bacterial and antiviral properties so eating food that has garlic as main ingredient will do you good.
  • You should also drink plenty of water or fruit juices to cleanse your system naturally.
  • Avoid hot environment to decrease your risk of acquiring bacterial infection and cyst on thigh.