What Causes Hiccup | Cure for Baby and Adult Hiccups

Cure for Hiccups: Get Rid of It

Hiccough, which is more commonly known as hiccup, refers to the spasmodic contraction of one’s diaphragm that has a tendency to keep repeating itself every minute. Although it could resolve by itself without any kind of assistance, it could be annoying and embarrassing, which is why people who have this would always want a cure for hiccups.

What are Hiccups?

It is known as synchronous diaphragmatic flutter or singultus in medicine. This is a condition that happens when air rushes into the lungs, which will cause the epiglottis to close out and thus create the characteristic ‘œhic’ sound.

It is the result when the diaphragm gets irritated due to the contraction on the chest cavity. The diaphragm being the muscular partition that separates the chest and the abdomen will narrow down the area near it and this will lead to the shutting down of the sound box or larynx temporarily. Babies are most likely to be affected with hiccups, and it could be worrisome for a mother hearing the endless ‘œhic’ noise so that they want to cure baby hiccups immediately. As early as the children are still in their mother’s womb, they will already be having hiccups.

What Causes Hiccup

Most cases of hiccups are just spontaneous the reason for people to find a cure for hiccups in adults. But there are also triggering events for it to occur. Eating too quickly, having a cold drink while eating a hot meal, eating a spicy or hot food, being hungry for too long, drinking alcoholic beverages excessively, laughing vigorously, crying out loud, and continuously coughing are some activities that start of having hiccups. There are also other instances when one experiences abnormal inhalation just as when one is smoking or the sudden gasp of a strong opiate painkiller like morphine or heroin and oxycodone.

This makes one more prone to having hiccups.

Cure For Hiccups in Adults and Baby

There are several medications that are intended for the treatment of hiccups. These medicines are known to be an effective cure for hiccups, and these include chlorpromazine, metoclopramide, benzodiazepines, baclofen, and anticonvulsants.  But there are actually several natural remedies that one can try out to stop the irritating hiccups. Holding your breath for a minute or two could help. Pinching the nose while swallowing ten to twenty sips of water could also be a cure for hiccups. Most people believe that the best cure for hiccups involves breathing into a paper bag. Chewing a gum, drinking pineapple juice, or bending the head forward and backward will help clear the airways and ultimately get rid of the dreaded ‘œhic’cups.