Constant Urinating | Causes and Home Remedies Persistent Urination


I’m suffering from frequent urination. What causes frequent urination? 


There are several causes of frequent urination: 

  • The most common and frequently occurring cause is – UTI or urinary tract infection. (this is usually associated with burning and itching while urinating, pain in the urethra or lower abdomen, and occasionally fever.) get a routine urine examination done to understand the cause. Also, cystitis or inflammation of the bladder or kidney stones could make you pass urine frequently. So getting USG abdomen will be helpful to diagnose correctly. 
  • Diabetes mellitus is another important cause for increased frequency of urination.
    (urination usually occurs more at night, there will be associated features like – fatigue, weight loss, burning sensation on the palms and soles and irritability.) examining the blood sugar level, both, fasting and post prandial will help you assess the condition. 
  • Prostate disorders cause frequent urination. Benign enlargement prostate or BEP causes a growth of the gland, which presses on to the urethra, thus augmenting the urinary frequency. (associated symptoms include – dribbling of urine, difficulty in initiation, and straining.) an ultra-sound of the abdomen will give you a clear picture.

It is vital to ascertain the exact cause of the symptom and then embarking on to the right treatment plan.

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