Chesty Cough Home Remedies | Chest Congestion Cough Treatments

Chesty Cough Cure

Coughs can really be a big discomfort especially when it distracts us from our everyday routines. Discomforts can even be bigger when a person is experiencing chest coughs. Dry chest cough can hinder us from being productive with our day, can affect our appetite, can obstruct us from conversing with people, and can even ruin a smoothly running day. Chest cough can even make us feel more tired and exhausted than ever. Although this condition can be really disruptive, there are simple chesty cough remedies to which you can opt to do.

Natural Treatment for Cough in Chest

Instinctively, the best thing to do when you are experiencing chest cough is to see your doctor. While your doctor can give you utmost treatment to get rid of chesty cough, there are actually home remedies which you can go for. Some easy chesty cough home remedies that would make you feel better include the following:

  • Herbal tea can be a good solution in treating chesty cough. You can try brewing yourself with herb tea consisting of ginger, peppercorn, basil, honey, and warm water. Once you drink the tea, you will feel a soothing effect that can relieve your throat from coughing.
  • A fresh lemon juice boiled with a quarter cup of honey can also help you ease the symptoms of chesty cough. You can also add a small shot of rum when the mixture of lemon and honey cools down.
  • You can buy a bottle of cough syrup and cough drops to help you relieve the cough.
  • Some people use a vaporizer as a chesty cough remedy. You can add a pinch of salt to increase the decongesting effect of the vaporizer.
  • Making ginger juice with honey may also aid in soothing the cough and congestion in your chest.