Health Benefits Of Cherry Juice: Different Ways To Eat Cherries

Cherry is a fruit that belongs to the genus Prunus. It has been used since the earliest civilization because of its sweet and tangy taste. Cherries were served to important individuals during the ancient time for snack and dessert. Even until now, cherries with all its variants are still widely consumed and served as a highlight to deserts and ice cream to portray beauty, elegance, and taste.

Cherry is high in anthocyanins and antioxidants that could give several health benefits to the consuming individual.

Benefits Of Cherries & Cherry Juice For Health

The reason why the fruit is a favorite in most countries is because of its numerous health benefits that are known to be effective in treating certain disease conditions.

Among the most notable sour or sweet cherry health benefit include:

  • Prevents tissue destruction because of 17 antioxidants present in every cherry.
  • Strengthens cells and the immune system thus preventing harmful free radicals from stealing electrons on healthy cells.
  • Relieves muscle and back pain.
  • Repairs damaged muscles. It is always said that after doing exercise eat some cherries.
  • Cherries reduce inflammation.
  • They are excellent source of potassium. Presence of adequate sodium and potassium in blood helps to prevent high blood pressure. It prevents the wall of arteries from becoming rigid.
  • Those suffering from gout may find faster relief from pain and inflammation with regular intake of cherries.
    Excess of uric acid is the main cause for pain and inflammation. Eating cherries regularly helps to reduce pain in gout patients as it reduces C-reactive protein.
  • The bright red color of cherry is due to anthocyanins and flavanoids. They are powerful antioxidants that help to fight free radicals. Cyanidin is one of the flavanoids that prevents proliferation of cancer cells. Thus eating cherries regularly helps to prevent cancerous cells to overgrow.
  • Eating cherries regularly encourages deep and sound sleep. Tart cherries are known to contain melatonin. It is a hormone present in body which regulates sleep and wake cycle.  Lack of melatonin is known to cause sleeplessness. For such persons drinking one or two teaspoon of cherry juice is beneficial to induce sleep.
  • The mild laxative properties present in cherry helps to relieve constipation.

Different Ways Of Eating Cherries

There are several ways to get health benefits from cherry.

  • Preferably, eat fresh cherries found in markets and fruit stores. But for individuals located in regions where cherries do not grow, you can opt for frozen or canned cherries found in supermarkets. Hybrid cherries such as Duke Variety are good for both eating raw and cooking. Both sweet cherries are good to eat raw while sour cherries are ideal for using in sorbets and pies.
  • You can include cherries on your desserts as garnishing or main ingredient or you can take cherry juice to get the ideal nutrients.
  • Because of its painkiller properties, taking cherries before and after heavy exercises and activities involving the muscles could help in relieving muscle pain and stress. To get the best results, take two tablespoons of cherry concentrate every day.

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